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2015 Model Snowmobile Release – Ski-Doo

Go Big or Go Home!

When Ski-Doo invited us to take a peek at the 2015 model sleds, we half expected to see our dream-machine, the Mach-Z. That didn’t happen, but what we did see, we didn’t expect. Ski-Doo is pouring it on in the mountain segment this year, but that’s not all.

What is new this year? Ski-Doo is super-sizing the mountain segment with the longest track length we have ever seen with a brand-new 174-inch, 3-inch paddled monster; more on that below. They have also redesigned the front suspension, bringing the new RAS 2 to most REV-XS sleds and the summit X with T3 packages.

RAS 2 is a redesigned geometry on the front A-Arms that raises the roll-center of the sled closer to the center of gravity. This makes the sled corner flatter and more precise. A new taller forged spindle moves the ball joint higher, which changes the camber to reduce bump steer and give the sled improved straightline precision.

New geometry in the RAS 2 front suspension.

Ski-Doo expands the popular Rotax 900 ACE Engine to the utility segment. The crossover riders will get their ideal sled with the Renegade X-RS package. The Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) is now available on the 600 ACE as well as the 900 ACE, and offers quicker throttle response and a lighter throttle pull.

The throttle block on the ACE sleds can be rotated to position the throttle lever forward and create a finger throttle for those long rides, reducing thumb fatigue.

You can turn the throttle block and have a finger throttle.

A new RF DESS Key now works if it’s within a short range rather than the previous magnetic system that could lose connection.


MX Z – Trail

The MX Z continues to improve on what we all know to be one of the best sleds on the trail by adding the RAS 2 front suspension on select REV-XS platform-based sleds. Other improvements include new transparent hand guards, new RF DESS security key, multi-position ACE engine throttle, tons of new accessories and check out the bold new colors. It not your eyes playing tricks on you, it’s a new bolder yellow than you are accustomed to. The X-RS and X packages are Spring-Only so don’t miss out.



Renegade – Crossover

The crossover sleds get more popular every year and Ski-Doo took note for 2015 with the race-bred Renegade X-RS package. It’s basically the Ski-Doo terrain racing sled with a longer track and a few modifications to make it consumer-friendly.

For the riders that want more cornering ability and top speed will find a standard 15″ track width on trail-oriented packages. Don’t worry, the more freeriding Renegade Backcountry packages will keep their 16″ wide PowderMax tracks and add deep snow features such as FlexEdge track technology, two wheel rear axles and more open running boards.

Renegade 600 ACE

Renegade Backcountry

On several models you will find some new features such as new hand guards, DESS security key, handlebar controls, Intelligent Throttle Control, and yes, check out the very new and bold colorations. X-RS, X-package and Backcountry X are Spring-Only.

Renegade X

Renegade XRS, yes!!

Summit – Deep Snow

Ski-Doo has taken the mountain sleds to lengths never seen before with its brand new Summit X with T3 package. It includes standard 3″ track lugs with either 163″ or 174″ track. That is some serious traction and flotation. That thing stretches all the way into last week!

One hundred and seventy four inches of pure get-you-into-trouble.

The T3 package gets you some serious refinements to reduce weight, such as a lightweight muffler, optimized cooling system,  lighter tMotion rear suspension components, a new front suspension, and Pilot DS 3 skis. Ski-Doo is claiming the 163″ track T3 package is 10 lbs. lighter than a standard Summit 163″, and that includes having 3” lugs over 2.5” lugs. New colors are screaming in the mountains. Summit  X with T3 package and the Summit X are Spring-Only models.




Lime is the new gray, and the Freeride is quite lime. For the riders that like to make a statement, stand out from the crowd, push the envelope, and go big (and not go home), then the Manta Green Freeride is for that person. Available in three different track lengths, the Freeride is based on the strong REV-XM RS chassis and includes KYB Pro-40 shocks. This machine is for the extreme. You have the choice of 154″, 146″, or 137″ tracks to handle the needs of extreme riders from all across the snow-belt. All the proven benefits of tMotion and FlexEdge in the 154″ and 146″ models are now standard on the 137″. A two-wheel rear axle and electric start is also standard. All get the Rotax 800R E-TEC engine and RF DESS system.

Manta Green Freeride


The GSX sled is back with only the top Rotax engines offered: 800R E-TEC, 1200 4-TEC, 600 H.O. E-TEC and 900 ACE. The GSX packages come in SE or the LE models with refined colors as if they were dressed to impress.


Grand Touring

The Grand Touring’s are back with all the creature comforts you would expect from Ski-Doo. They offer Air Control rear suspension that changes rear suspension ride height on-the-fly, Silent Drive track, and Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) throttle-by-wire system providing three driving modes and learning key functionality.  They are offered in the 90HP Rotax 900 ACE and the 60HP ACE engines with its adjustable throttle. Available in SE, LE and Sport packages.

Grand Touring

Utility – Expedition

The Expedition is the sled that goes where no trails exist and does it with the ability to pull big loads, float in deep snow and do it with luxury and style. Now you will be able to blaze the trails with the 900 ACE engine and Pilot DS 2 skis in the SE and LE packages. This is a utility sled that bridges the big bumps and has all the amenities of a luxury touring sled that allows owners to handle work or play in comfort while riding solo or with a passenger. The Expedition Sport with 600 or 900 ACE are upgraded to the REV-XS platform and iTC. The SE package is a Spring Only Model.


Utility – Skandic and Tundra

The Skandic utility sled is one of the most specialized work-oriented products BRP offers. These snowmobiles are used all over the world. This year they have added the Rotax 900 ACE four-stroke engine. While powerful and efficient, it also comes standard with the Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) throttle-by-wire system. Two feature packages are available: the Skandic Wide Track (WT) with 20 X 154-inch track and even more capable Skandic Super Wide Track (SWT) with 24 x 156-inch track.

Skandic WT

The Tundra continues to get people deeper into the woods than any other machine around the World. It combines light weight with a long track and easy maneuverability. Available in Xtreme, LT, and Sport packages.


Going Big

Ski-Doo continues to pour it on in 2015 by freshening up the colors, updating the front suspension, refining the electronic system (iTC and RF DESS), and going big in the mountain segment. We flatlanders especially like the addition of the XRS Renegade. Check out the new 2015 sleds from Ski-Doo. Chances are you won’t go home, you’ll go big.