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Updated Modeled Snow Depth for the Continental U.S. on 01/09/2017. Source: NOHRSC

Friends in the Northeast received a nice winter storm this past weekend. A strong surface low system produced windy, cold, and snowy conditions in the northeast over the weekend. Record low temperatures of -20 °F were recorded and snowfalls of 18 inches. Now, Maine has a solid snow depth with around 20 inches inland.  Parts of Northern New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire also have a strong snow depth of 10-20 inches. While, the central United States finally, had a chance to warm up this week.

Updated Modeled Snow Depth for the Northeast on 01/09/2017. Source: NOHRSC

Trail Conditions

Trail conditions remain the same for the most part. With the new snow in the northeast, the riding conditions should be good. In the Midwest, the warmer temperatures might have melted some snow on trails, so beware of lower snow depths. Many places in the Midwest still do not have enough snow to groom the trails yet. Unfortunately, many of the trails in the southern parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota are still closed. In the west, higher elevation areas are your best bet to find some good snow. Make sure to check trail reports and avalanche-prone areas before going out.


GFS model forecast for Saturday, 1/13/2018 09UTC . Source: NOAA

Weekly Forecast

Cooler temperatures look to push in from Canada through the Midwest to provide some energy. As the arctic air drops south once again, the Midwest is looking to receive some snow on Wednesday night into Thursday. The arctic air will then stick around into this weekend and early next week with cold temperatures which will help freeze up any water issues on the trails. In the early part of next week, the Midwest will hopefully see some more snow to increase their snow depths.

In the Northeast, a surface low system will push through this weekend. The GFS model run shows a lot of moisture around the low system. Hopefully, temperatures in the north will be cool enough for some snow this weekend. As the low system pass temperatures will drop into the beginning of next week.

In the West, moisture moves over Idaho into Montana through Thursday and Friday. In Idaho, higher elevations should be receiving snow. While Montana, should have cool enough temperatures to receive snow.

Enjoy the fresh snow! As always, safe sledding.


About MaxWeather: We have partnered with the University of North Dakota Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences to give students a practical internship experience, providing weather forecasts for our readers. We will bring you a weekly, student-developed weather update throughout the snowmobiling season.

About the UND program: Located in the heart of cross-country racing territory, the University of North Dakota Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences provides high quality undergraduate and graduate education. Embedded in an environment of significant research and discovery, students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on forecasting and research activities.