Snowmobile Magazine

On the Road With ISMA

Serving as the President of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association is a pleasure and allows me to meet many interesting people from all walks of life.  Following is a short discussion on the last 35-40 days of work:

In late September – early October I had the opportunity to meet with Regulators in the European Union along with Engineering Representatives from the snowmobile manufacturers.  We are working with the European Union Regulators to meet the strict emissions standards that are being set in Europe.  The standards in Europe will be the same as the standards set in the United States and Canada in many ways.  The meetings covered such issues as – What type of snowmobiles are used in Europe? How far are they ridden? Where are they ridden? How many snowmobiles are there in Europe?  All of the aforementioned data is related to the level of emission contribution snowmobiles may generate for the atmosphere.  The meetings were successful and based on good science.  We ultimately achieved an agreement and are moving forward on a snowmobile standard for sales of snowmobiles throughout Europe.

Following my meeting in Europe, I traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and spent time with representatives from the Keweenaw Research Center affiliated with Michigan Technological University.  While there, we reviewed various testing processes and standards for snowmobiles and received briefings from numerous individuals on new testing technologies and quality control issues.

The next week entailed a flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia to meet with representatives from the International Snowmobile Congress Planning Committee.  The ISC for 2018 will be held in beautiful Halifax in early June 2018.  The planning meeting went well, and we expect snowmobiling representatives from around the world to participate in the 4-day long Congress and related meetings.

The next few days will entail various meetings with manufacturers and snowmobile community leaders as well as various elected representatives in Washington DC.  We expect this winter to be busy with great snow cover and good cold weather as well as active discussion and support from representatives in Washington DC and in Ottawa, ON.  Snowmobiling is the economic engine for winter tourism throughout much of the United States, and it is our job to highlight the importance of that economic engine to representatives around the globe.

Editor’s Note: Ed Klim is the Executive Director of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers’ Association. In that role, he serves as the industry’s chief liaison with government agencies in the US, Canada and the European Union. We have invited Ed to give a monthly update on important meetings and initiatives he is working on, as well as some of the unique and interesting people he comes across.