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Ride-Tek Announces 2014 Snowmobile Clothing Line

Ride-Tek announces an all-new 2014 snowmobile clothing lineup rich with innovation that matches the manufacturer’s launch of the 2014 snowmobiles, but at a price that dealers can sell to any customer with confidence. Ride-Tek gear gives snowmobilers an affordable yet advanced clothing system that empowers them to immerse themselves in their favorite track-driven escape with no worries about torn clothing, excessive dampness, uncomfortable temperatures, or other downers. Ride-Tek’s premium Shredder line has an outer shell made with Taslan Shield Technology. Ride-Tek’s Taslan Shield is a 21st-Century polyamide innovation formulated for maximum comfort that still retains the waterproof, breathable, tear-resistant features needed in rugged winter adventure wear. Designed with decades of experience in the worst winter conditions, Ride-Tek offers the most affordable, wearable and durable clothing styles on the market today! All Ride-Tek jackets can be purchased with one of two zip-out liner choices to further optimize clothing performance, with high-quality gloves and bibs to match.

Company CEO Michael Killian views Ride-Tek as the best 2014 snowmobile clothing option for dealers in the fickle snowmobile market: “I am extremely pleased to offer powersports dealers a winter clothing line that carries very little risk and has great upside potential. We’ve all seen that high-priced clothing lines are a hard sell in a winter with poor snow and can become outdated when design trends change, but low-priced clothing lines don’t carry the brand panache or features that new sled buyers want. Ride-Tek is the first snowmobile clothing option that can satisfy new sled buyers as well as today’s snowmobilers who keep their old iron in shape for a precious handful of rides per year.  Our cutting-edge Taslan Shield Technology and melded Reissa liners are unbelievably comfortable and perform as well as higher-priced brands in real-world conditions. Just as important, the classic styling themes we’ve chosen will fit with sleds made in the past, as well as those being built today.”

The Ride-Tek Shredder is the ultimate solution for extreme back country and deep woods powder.



The Ride-Tek Ditchbanger offers classic style and all-day protection and comfort for snowmobilers.


The Ride-Tek Cornice for snowmobilers who want durability, comfort and style at a great price


The Ride-Tek Epic for free riders, free skiers and snowboarders who wring every last minute of action out of winter




For distributor, dealer and customer orders or to learn more, visit the Ride-Tek website at or call (303) 522-5682.