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Ski-Doo Factory Venting Kits and Panels

As I was wandering through the Utah Snow Show a couple of weeks back I stopped by the Ski-Doo booth and these little gems caught my eye.

Mountain riders have been fighting the under hood heat battle for a long time… up on a big hill, ground speed near zero, motor at full song makes for some pretty high under hood temps.  There are a lot of very good options available from the aftermarket, but these vent kits from the Accessory team at Ski-Doo really are cool.  They are available

either as complete new replacement panels with the vents already installed, or you can buy them in kit form and install them in any configuration, location or quantity you choose.  In fact, as a kit option they offer a good solution no matter the brand of snowmobile you ride.

You can buy them from your local Ski-Doo dealer or online from