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Thunder Products Big Venom Clutch Kit

We aren’t sure if you’ve heard the hype yet, but those of you who own one of the newer Yamaha SRVipers know that with the stock clutch setup they can be a bit jumpy at low end, and short on top end. They are quick on the trails from corner to corner, but they aren’t very friendly down low and won’t be the first across a lake.

Thunder Products has developed a clutch kit that cures those ails without losing the quickness on the trails. It’s called their Big Venom kit. With this kit, they have had people reach up to 111 MPH on asphalt, and 105 MPH on the snow. Mind you, these are in controlled conditions, but suffice it to say this kit wakes up that Viper and makes it ready to strike.

The Big Venom comes with Thunder Products proven and gram-matched Heavy-Hitter adjustable flyweights, along with a specially tuned secondary spring, their Glide Washer kit, and clutch holder for an easy install. The best part is you can boost your SRViper for less than $300. It’s almost free horsepower! It’s no turbo charger, but it’s the best you’ll get for 1/10th the cost.

We came across this video on their Facebook page. We are assuming he is a professional rider and well in control and riding where it is legal to do so.

It’s easy to get one of these kits. Simply go their web store and order it up. You’ll be ready to brag by the next weekend.