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Thunder Products Release Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Rebuild Parts

Thunder Products is a company that offers clutch and carburetor performance components. They are always looking at simple ways to offer improvements to these critical areas and find big gains for any snowmobile or ATV enthusiast, whether a racer or trail rider. They took a hard look at the Arctic Cat drive clutch looking for ways to enhance performance and they found that Arctic Cat hadn’t offered a means to rebuild these clutches since 2006. Thunder Products saw this as an opportunity to give the Arctic Cat rider a way to bring their factory clutches back to better than new condition.

Thunder Products doesn’t rebuild the clutch itself, but they offer the components to rebuild it for a lot less than replacing the clutch with a new one. Their components exceed factory specifications and can be installed by any qualified mechanic or Arctic Cat dealer.

Thunder Products Clutch Bushings

Wear items such as bushings and rollers can now be replaced with Thunder Products specially designed and specified components. They are offering cover bushings, roller bushings, rollers, spyder bushings, spring, and other wear items.

To even further enhance the longevity and performance of the Arctic Cat drive clutch, Thunder Products offers their 911 Clutch Cover with external belt adjuster that fine-tunes the distance of the outer sheave to the belt for better engagement. If you just want the belt adjuster to use with the stock cover, they offer that as well.

Thunder Products 911 Clutch Cover

Thunder Products ABC Kit

With a new Arctic Cat drive clutch retailing for over $500 US, this is a great way to save and get more performance out of any Arctic drive clutch, even the one on your new machine. Thunder Products is known for offering on of the highest performance gains or enhancements for the money. Go to or call them at 320-597-2700 for more information and to order.