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Voting for Pink Ribbon Riders for the Pink Well Grant Starts Jan. 16th until May 2012

Pink Ribbon Riders (PRR) needs your help in voting for the second phase of the PINK WELL grant, as a finalist chosen from more than 150+ organizations, PRR is in the final 30 to win a grant that could help the organization with the mission of helping men and women diagnosed with breast cancer.

We need your vote daily until  May. There will be a Friday between now and May that will be considered a Super Friday. The Pink Well Grant committee will let us know which Friday is our Super Friday and your vote that day will count as 10 votes!

This grant is bigger than anything PRR has ever received at one time and could make a difference in making the organization better help those in need for many years to come.  There is a chance to win $40,000 or more. Can you help and ask a friend to vote too?  Please share this email on your facebook page or by email.

We are up against some very large organizations, and we pride ourselves in not spending funds in advertising. With that said, we are taking a total grass roots approach and asking everyone to share with everyone you know. Do you have a media resource that would share this information with the public?

Can you make a copy of this email and share with those you work with and ask them to vote?

You can vote here.