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2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendars

The 2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar features top swimsuit models and high end modified snowmobiles in some of the most popular riding areas throughout the back country mountains and the Midwest.  The team from Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendars has travelled throughout the United States to bring you the hottest women on the hottest snowmobiles in a very tasteful, high quality snowmobile swimsuit calendar. New to the 2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar is a vintage Polaris TXL 340 and a classic pin up calendar swimwear model bringing you back in time.

2014 Calendar Cover Straight 2

No matter what your favorite snowmobile brand is or what type of riding you do, we have a very impressive snowmobile calendar that has a second to none line up of high end snowmobiles and beautiful swimsuit models for all snowmobilers to enjoy. The 2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar will have you and your friends enjoying the snowmobile season all year long. Order yours today at or 605-923-8323.

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