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Meet the MaxSled Team!

Nick “Sled Doc” Leikness.
Contributing Editor, Instigator, Chief Mechanic & Voice of Common Sense.

Jason “Mailman” Soucie.
Contributing Backcountry Editor, Chief of Video Lunacy, Social Media Master, Voice of Insanity.

Andrew “Andy Turba” Klundt.
Contributing Backwoods Editor, Pretzel Master, Head of Wheeliability Testing, Voice of the Great Plains.

Troy Haaland.
Contributing Mountain Commute Editor, Stabilizing Influence, Voice of Reason.

Wade West.
Editor, Creative Genius, Junior Curmudgeon of the Sport, Voice of the Industry.

Paula West.
Owner & Publisher, Chief Strategist, Enabler, Design Visionary & Voice of Opportunity.

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