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2014 Snowmobile Model Lineup – Polaris

With all the new acronyms out there, it can become confusing to enthusiasts on which of the new models may be just right. Do you want the LE, the SP the XR, the LR or the BFH.  For 2013, Polaris has simplified its lineup–introducing 8 new models–to make the choices easier for everyone.

Switchback Double_19531

According to Big Red, even with the lack of snow last season and some areas of the snowbelt seeing sparse amounts of fluff, the entire snowmobile industry was only down by single digits.  Sales in the US were slightly down, while Canadian sales were slightly up. The performance segment was down, as well as four-stroke sales.  The only category that showed an uptick in sales was the Deep Snow segment.


A popular seller for Polaris last year was the newly reintroduced Indy 600.  For 2014, the Indy line has been expanded to several new Indy models.

INDY Double_00885

Two new Indy models are value-priced crossover sleds. The 550 Indy Voyager 144 and 600 Indy Voyager 144 both include the adjustable RMK front suspension, Gripper skis, and a large cargo rack. It features the Pro-Ride chassis, RydeFX shocks, tall windshield, electric start and a newer, more comfortable seat.

550 Indy Voyager

550 Indy Voyager

The new 550 Indy Adventure features the same versatility as the 600 Adventure with the aluminum rack for cargo and mounting points for the Lock & Ride saddlebags.  It can be converted to a 2-up machine in seconds with the new Lock & Ride Convertible Passenger Seat.

550 Indy Adventure

550 Indy Adventure

550 Indy Adventure

550 Indy Adventure

Lock & Ride

Lock & Ride

The new 550 Indy LXT is a full touring model with many of the same comfort features as other touring models including a fixed backrest, passenger hand grips, tall windshield, rear cargo rack, electric start and hood-mounted mirrors. It is 80 pounds lighter than the IQ chassis model with better performance.

550 Exhaust Side

550 Exhaust Side

550 Indy CVT

550 Indy CVT – New this year the 550 Indy uses a CVTech Powerbloc 50 drive clutch and Invance driven clutch.

The Indy 800 SP is to get the legendary Indy handling with a higher performance Cleanfire 800 engine package. It features the Pro-Ride chassis with Pro-Ride IFS, Fox Shox and a 121” Hacksaw track.

800 INDY SP_00893

Two additional new models to the Indy lineup include the 550 Indy 121 and 144, with RydeFX MVP shocks and Pro-Steer skis.  The 121” model has a Shockwave track, while the 144 includes a Cobra 1.35” track .


The Switchback line was expanded for 2014 to include the 800 Switchback Adventure.  It features the Lock & Ride Saddlebags, Convertible Passenger Seat, push-button reverse, electric start, tall windshield, wind deflectors, accessory power outlets and hood-mounted mirrors. It has the 136” Pro-Ride chassis, Fox IFP front shox and Walker Evens track shocks.

800 Switchback_Pr

The Assault models now include more engine options with the new 600 Switchback Assault 144. The uncoupled rear suspension features a 1.35” Cobra track, Walker Evens needle shocks, Hybrid running boards, ProTaper handlebars, aluminum bumper and a lightweight Freestyle seat.

800 Switchback Assault 144


The RMK models include the 600 RMK 144, 600 RMK 155 and 800 RMK 155 to further simplify the lineup and mountain segment. All three include the Pro-Ride RMK adjustable front suspension with RydeFX Shocks, Gripper Skis, electric reverse, a fixed 3.5” handlebar riser and digital multi-function display.

800 Pro RMK 163_08593

The Pro-RMK models include the QuickDrive Low Inertia Drive System, Pro-LIte Seat, Walker Evans IFP shocks and several lightweight components that have dropped the weight from 431 pounds to 417 pounds without sacrificing strength, including bonded lower control arms.

800 Pro RMK 163_Pr

The RMK Assault includes lightweight rotors & jackshaft, walker evens adjustable shocks, 2.125 competition track, ProTaper handlebars, PowerTrac running boards, Pro-Lite seat and a lightweight silencer.

800 RMK Assault 155_08654


The rush returns with the 600 RUSH Pro-R and 800 RUSH Pro-R.  These models have the Pro-Ride IFS and 121” Pro-Ride Rear Suspension with Walker Evans Piggyback Compression-Adjustable shocks, 1.25” RipSaw track, Phantom Hydraulic brake, Adventure seat, electric reverse, digital multi-function display and mid-height windshield.

600 RUSH ProR_Pr

800 RUSH ProR_10046



The 2014 600 IQ LXT and Turbo IQ LXT round out the touring lineup and both feature the 2-up pillow seat, Lock & Ride backrest, adjustable handlebars, electric start, passenger handwarmers with gauntlets, power outlets, smoke windshield and hood mounted mirrors. They include the IQ 136 Comfort Rear suspension with RydeFX shocks and a 1” Hacksaw track.

600 IQ LXT

The 600 IQ Widetrack includes the Lock & Ride backrest, heated glove box, underseat storage, cargo rack with work light and the 600 Cleanfire engine.


The 120 Indy returns for 2014 with the 120cc 4-stroke engine, safety tether, underseat storage and adjustable throttle for parental control over the top speed.

120 INDY_02804


Even though Polaris or any other manufacturer will never get totally away from Alphabet soup, it’s refreshing for an OEM to offer a more simplified lineup, models with actual names and to continue delivering on their strengths and what the customer wants. An alphabet soup diet is a resolution we can all keep. See the full lineup at the Polaris Industries web site.

800 Switchback ProR_09441

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  1. leon brightnose November 13, 2013 at 11:00 pm #

    machines are nice …butt to cold riding…to high ..wish polaris will build the machines the way they use to be …..i think the 2008 model was the good trapping machine 550 rmk

    in northern manitoba canada the trappers rely on that protection

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