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2015 Model Snowmobile Release – Arctic Cat

Something for Everyone!

Arctic Cat drops the hammer with 74 models including 13 new models for 2015. There is obviously a model for everyone with this expansive lineup. With all the models and acronyms it may get confusing to get it all straight, but we are here to help.


To make it easier to understand the engine series numbering, the 2000 series has the Suzuki 570cc fan, 4000 is the Suzuki 500cc liquid twin, 5000 series is the Cat 1100, 6000 is the Arctic Cat 600cc liquid twin,  7000 is the Yamaha 1049cc 4 Stroke, the 8000 series is the Suzuki 800cc twin, and the 9000 is the Cat 1100 Turbo 4 Stroke.

Arctic Cat Engine Series


Now that we got that all straight, here are the models:

ZR ProCross


The ZR series of sleds dominate the popularity of the well sought after trail class machines and offers 23 models in three new packages for 2015.   These models are available in the 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series of sleds. The new ZR Sno Pro is equipped with FOX FLOAT 3 shocks and larger 2-in diameter IFP rear shock. The ZR LIMITED and ZR EL TIGRE are essentially the same models with the LIMITED in Orange and EL TIGRE in classic Team Arctic Green. They feature the front ProCross bumper, rear storage bag, goggle holder, Sno Pro brake lever and a tunnel flare to enhance the unique look. The ZR 6000 RR adds the race-ready features of the FOX FLOAT X EVLOL front shocks and FOX ZERO rear shocks, calibrated for the harsh pounding of race machines.




The all new ZR 4000 for 2015 is in the ProCross chassis, featuring the Arctic Drive System with Torque Control Link, RMC hydraulic brake system, Arctic Cat IFP all around, push-button reverse, a 1.0-in. lug Ripsaw II track and a mid-LXR-height windshield. For a more hardcore option, the new ZR 4000 RR is a race-replica machine with similar calibration specs to the cross-country race machines.
It features FOX FLOAT EVOL X front shocks; 1.25-in. lug height Cobra track; lightweight brake disc; plus running board edgerolls and reinforcements. The RR also comes with the race version of the SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension, complete with FOX Zero Pro clicker shocks with remote reservoirs.

The ZR 5000 LXR and ZR 6000 LXR Returns with a host of new features for 2015.  The larger-diameter Driven shaft assembly, involute/exvolute track sprockets, magnesium idler wheel blocks and a more aggressive host bar on the dual carbide skis.



Of course, the ZR 120 returns for 2015 with new Team Arctic Graphics.

Of course, the ZR 120 returns for 2015 with new Team Arctic Graphics.

 XF ProCross & ProClimb


The XF series Crossover sleds are offered in either the ProCross or ProClimb chassis, depending on where you want to do the majority of your riding. There are 16 models with the ProCross Chassis in the engine models of 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000. The LXR offers a more cushy ride with Cat IFP shocks all around and a Ripsaw II 1.25-inch lug track. The Sno Pro upgrades to FOX FLOAT 3 front shock and a larger 2-in. diameter IFP rear shock. The LIMITED has similar features to the Sno Pro and adds the ProCross front bumper, rear storage and a choice of either Green or Orange graphics.


XF SnoPro ProCross Chassis

The new XF 6000 CrossTour joins the other 7000, 8000 and 9000 CrossTour models and featurs Cat’s own 600cc 2-stroke twin. The CrossTours have a longer 141-inch track, standard electric start, mirrors and a high windshield. It can be ridden solo or with a passenger with the rear SpeedRack system (or the quick attachment of accessories like the an optional 2-up seat.

XF CrossTour

XF CrossTour

The XF ProClimb models include 12 models in the Cross Country or High Country in the 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series, including four new models with the 6000 and 7000 class engines. The Cross Country models have the lay down steering post, 42-43 inch adjustable ski stance, dual carbides and a Cobra 141 x 1.6-inch lug track. The High Country models are for designed for even deeper snow and off-trail riding with the 40-41 inch adjustable ski stance, single carbides, and Power Claw 141 x 2.25-inch lug track. The LIMITED models in the 8000 and 9000 series have the ProClimb front bumper, rear storage bag, electric start and goggle holder.

XF ProClimb Chassis

XF ProClimb Chassis

M Series


There are 13 mountain choices from Arctic Cat for 2015, including three new models. The new M6000 comes with a 2.25-in. lug track, Arctic Cat IFP shocks and the standard digital gauge. The new M6000 Sno Pro featurs a deeper 2.6-in. lug track; FOX FLOAT 3 shocks in front, rear arm of the FLOAT rear suspension; telescoping mountain handlebar; a drilled lightweight brake disc; the front-mounted HCR-style heat exchanger; ice scratchers; and the lightweight mountain seat.



The new M7000 Sno Pro has a 153 x 2.6-inch lug track, vertical steering post, drilled brake disc, front mounted heat exchanger and ice scratchers.



The M8000 is available with five configurations with a 153 inch track and three models with 162 inches. The base model has the Cat IFP front shocks, standard digital/analog gauge and adjustable mountain bar, the Sno Pro adds FOX FLOAT 3 shocks all around, deluxe gauge, telescoping bar, front mounted heat exchangers, ice scratchers, drilled disc brake and a lightweight mountain seat. The LIMITED adds the ProClimb front bumper, rear storage and goggle bags.  The LIMITED ES adds electric start. The M8000 HCR includes FOX FLOAT 3 shocks front and rear, a wider 40-41 inch adjustable ski stance, deluxe gauge, drilled disc brake, mountain seat with zippered storage, 2.6-in lug track, and vertical handlebars. The Sno Pro, LIMITED and LIMITED ES  are available with the 162 inch track as well.



Two 9000 series models round out the mountain lineup for 2015, the M9000 LIMITED and M9000 HCR, but with 162 x 2.6-inch tracks. The LIMITED has FOX FLOAT 3 shocks, ProClimb bumper, rear storage bag, heated seat and goggle holder. The HCR has a 6-inch deep keel ski, front sport bumper, belt bag and tether switch.





The Pantera name returns for 2015, but this is not your father’s Pantera. The all-new Pantera 7000 features the Yamaha 1049cc 3 cylinder 4 Stroke fitted in the new ProTour chassis. It has both rider and passenger heated seats, large rear storage, detachable passenger seat, dual electrical plug-ins and a new 15 x 146 x 1.25 Quiet track. The Pantera 7000 LIMITED adds a 4.3 gallon auxiliary fuel tank, locking detachable luggage, and a deluxe digital guage.





There are 6 Bearcat models available for 2015. Featuring the 570 fan, the Bearcat 2000 LT has a 15 x 151 x 1.25 Ripsaw track, 10.8 gallon fuel capacity, electric start, and electric fuel gauge. The Bearcat 2000 XTE has the Articulating rear suspension, 20 x 154 x 1.375-inch track, 17-gallon fuel capacity and underseat storage. The Bearcat 2000 XT adds electric start and passenger wind deflectors.


The Bearcat 5000 is available as a XT or XT LIMITED model.  The both include the 20 x 154 x 1.375-inch track, articulating rear suspension and 17 gallon fuel tanks. The Bearcat XT LIMITED includes a third seat for 3-up capability, rear storage bag, plug-in engine heater, deluxe gauge, extreme-high windshield and heated driver seat. The Bearcat XT Groomer Special is designed for trail grooming smaller trails and private trails.  It includes fiberglass overload springs, 8-inch wide plastic skis with adjustable 40-44 inch ski stance, front winch, rear light bar with floodlight and beacon, auxillary radiator, console mounted actuator switches and rear power outlet.



The Lynx name returns to Arctic Cat as the entry level machine in the Twin Spar chassis AWS front suspension and a 129-inch track. For 2015, the Lynx 2000 adds dual carbide skis and push button reverse. The Lynx 2000 LT includes a 144-inch track, detachable passenger seat and adjustable backrest.


New gear and colors to match the 2015 sleds.

New gear and colors to match the 2015 sleds.


Although it may seem overwhelming with all the models available, there are some subtle differences in many choices—some just a color choice, but it adds choices and styling to fit your unique riding styles and personalities. Regardless if you’re 6 or 86, if you have a pulse, then there’s a sled here for you. You can find out more at Arctic Cat or your Arctic Cat dealer.

You won't see this on the trail. Senior Editor, Larry Kaduce and Test Pilot, Randy Nemitz, two-up on the same sled.

You won’t see this on the trail. Senior Editor, Larry Kaduce and Test Pilot, Randy Nemitz, two-up on the same sled.


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