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7 Things to Know About Cat's NEW 800 Engine

We attended the Arctic Cat presser last week and spent quality time talking engines with the Cat Crew. Specifically, we talked about the highly anticipated 794cc C-TEC2-800 powerplant for 2018. Before we dive into some of the more interesting details, we should say that the goal for the project are lofty: more power, reduced emissions, ultra-low oil consumption and increased durability all while delivering overall crispness and rideability. Here’s how they attacked the challenge…

1. 3-stage exhaust valves

2. Fuel rail damping system




3. Air-only intakes

4. 4-petal reed valves

5. CTEC-2 600 Heritage

6. Redesigned recoil

7. It delivers on the promise

You will find the new engine in the just-released 2018 ZR8000 129” and 137” and the just-released M8000 153” and 162” sleds. More on those tomorrow!