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2013 Polaris Snowmobile Model Lineup

For 2013, Polaris is celebrating and breaking out the champagne on it’s very successful previous season.  It appeared that Polaris could do no wrong as the engines were all working well, the new suspensions were the best in the business and the new chassis designs were both lightweight and very strong.  For once, everything seemed to be working well together in harmony so what could possibly be next?

Last season the entire snowmobile industry enjoyed a 5% increase and Polaris was a large part of the boost in sales.  The Deep Snow segment was up 24%; the Crossover sleds now make up 28% of all new models sold and it’s the fastest growing group of snowmobiles; the declining segments are Touring (-20%) and Performance (-13%) .


The RUSH models truly set the standard for trail performance snowmobiles.  The ProRide true progressive rate rear suspension delivers the best ride in the business.

New for 2013 is the Pro-Steer Ski. It features a shortened skag and reshaped keel for a much lighter steering effort. On the top of the skis are redesigned ribs to increase the torsional strength and the bosses on top of the ribs provide the traction needed in deep snow when stepping on the skis.

The new, durable One-Piece Handlebar enhances the rider ergos with the full-length grips. The heater elements extend to the end of the grips for better rider warmth and comfort.  The throttle block assembly has been redesigned and the kill switch is independent and can be positioned to rider preference.

Also on the RUSH is a new Comfort Seat.  It is wider at the rear for greater comfort and allows for easier transition between sitting and standing.

The 2013 RUSH is available with the 600 or 800 Cleanfire engines and in the standard or Pro-R configuration. The Pro-R models receive the Walker Evans piggyback compression adjustable shocks all around, 15 x 121 x 1.25” Ripsaw track and lightweight brake disc.  The standard RUSH is equipped with FOX IPF shocks and a 15 x 121 x 1” Lightweight track


The INDY name returns to Polaris for 2013.  Showcasing the Polaris IFS front suspension, the name has graced the hoods of more snowmobiles than any other name for three decades. The Indy models are powered by the class-leading 600 Cleanfire® engine and provide a rich snowmobiling experience deserving of the hallowed Indy name.

Both the 600 Indy SP and the 600 Indy are built on the innovative PRO-RIDE™ Chassis with the PRO-RIDE IFS and Indy Coupled Rear Suspension. The PRO-RIDE IFS, as featured on most 2013 Polaris models, delivers precise handling and flatter cornering with 25% less steering effort.

The Indy 600 comes standard with Ryde FX MPV shocks and a 15 x 121 x .91” Shockwave track.  The SP model is upgraded with FOX premium features such as FOX® IFP shocks and Pro-Steer™ skis, and a 15 x 121 x 1” HackSaw track. It also has one-piece hooked handlebars, painted side panels and an Indy Red nosepan.



Switchback Pro-R Snow Check Retro

The 2013 Switchback models built on the PRO-RIDE chassis for the ultimate in versatility and performance. The PRO-RIDE Chassis is 300% stiffer than a conventional chassis, for more precise and easy handling in all snow conditions. They feature the same new Pro-Steer skis and One-Piece Handlebar as the RUSH with redesigned throttle block.

The Switchback is available with either the 600 or 800 Cleanfire engines.  The Switchback is equipped with FOX IPF shocks, and 15 x 136 x 1.25” Ripsaw track. The Pro-R models are upgraded with Walker Evans piggyback compressions adjustable shocks, 15 x 136 x 1.35 Cobra track, and lightweight brake disc.

The 2013 600 Switchback Adventure is the ultimate solo touring machine and features enhanced comfort, protection and Polaris’ exclusive cargo-carrying system. It has a tall windshield with integrated hand protection to block the wind, ice, and snow, as well as innovative wind deflectors mounted on the side panels to protect your legs from the elements. The Adventure Cargo System is built around a sturdy, versatile rear cargo rack on which Lock & Ride Saddlebags can be installed or removed in seconds without tools. It also features Pro-Steer skis, One-Piece handlebar and the same 15 x 136 x 1.35” Cobra track as on the Pro-R models.

The 800 Switchback Assault 144 is the ideal sled for riders who want to want great performance on the trail but still want to go off into deep powder when the conditions allow. With its conventional tunnel and chassis, it offers great flotation for running off-trail and is the choice of aggressive riders. It comes equipped with the Walker Evens piggyback adjustable compression shocks, the new Pro-Steer skis, 15 x 144 x 1.352” Cobra track, Pro Taper handlebars and carbon fiber bumpers.


For Deep Snow riding, the RMK lineup has undergone several changes and improvements throughout. The biggest news is that the Pro-RMK 800 155 now weighs only 417 pounds.

This was achieved through the use of strong, lightweight materials and components such as the QuickDrive Low Inertia Drive System, the first belt drive system in production snowmobiles. The system includes a lightweight brake and extruded drive shaft and a maintenance-free belt drive in place of a chaincase. The complete system offers a weight savings of more than 6.5 pounds and a 21% reduction in rotational inertia for enhanced efficiency and performance.

This innovative drive system, along with features such as carbon fiber overstructure and PowderTrac™ running boards, make the 2013 Polaris Pro-RMK models the most flickable deep snow sleds on the slopes. All the 2013 RMK® models are strong, lightweight and powerful – exactly what mountain and deep snow riders demand.

The Pro-RMK front end uses bonded lower control arms with forged aluminum ends and steel tubing, which reduces the control arms’ total weight by 2 pounds. New, narrower tunnel cooling extrusions reduce sled weight, as does the carbon fiber rear bumper with extruded billet mounts and the lightweight punched snow flap with hand access.

The all-new Powder Trac running boards are 10% thicker and feature large open areas for snow cleanout and weight reduction. The boards are held in place by bonded cast lugs so that they can be easily removed for servicing. The top surface of the running boards has a machined, high-traction finish.

New premium features such as the new Pro Lite Seat and Pro Taper Bars optimize driver ergonomics and provide the best riding comfort and experience. The front of the seat is over 2.5″ wider and has a flatter surface, while the rear of the new Pro Lite Seat is 5.5″ shorter so it’s easier to throw a leg to the other side. The seat is lighter than before, as is the strong, lightweight new seat support.

The aluminum Pro Taper handlebars are designed for maximum leverage, while providing easy access to the controls. The easily adjustable bar clamp lets a rider customize the bar height. Bar hooks and a race-style master cylinder round out the purpose-built controls.

The Pro-RMK models – 800 Pro-RMK 163/155 and 600 Pro-RMK 155  are equipped with Walker Evans shocks, adjustable ski stance, 2.4” track, and carbon fiber overstructure. The 600 RMK 155 and 800 RMK 155 models feature the RydeFX shocks, adjustable ski stance and a 2.4” lug track. The 600 RMK 144 also has the RydeFX shocks a 2.0” lug track.

The 800 RMK Assault 155 is designed for the extreme and experienced riders, who enjoy romps through the deepest snow while jumping cliffs and cornices.  It is ideal for backcountry freeriders and is the choice of top hillclimbers. Its suspension is heavy duty and  delivers consistently outstanding performance. The PRO-RIDE IFS is equipped with Walker Evans Needle shocks and is adjustable from 41.5” to 43.5” ski stance. It is the world’s first production sled with carbon fiber overstructure for outstanding strength and minimal weight. The RMK Assault also features the same Powder Trac running boards, Pro Lite Seat and Pro Taper bars of the Pro-RMK. The 800 RMK Assault also features the new Pro-Steer Ski. The RMK coil-over rear suspension includes Walker Evans coil-over front track shock & Walker Evans Needle rear track shock, 15″ x 155″ x 2.125″ Competition track, Pro Taper handlebars and carbon fiber bumper.

Snow Check LE Pro RMK


The Shift returns as Polaris’s value model. It features the proven 550 fan-cooled engine, RydeFX MPV shocks, and comes with either a 121 or 136-inch track. The Shift is built on the classic IQ chassis and gives the frugal snowmobiler a great modern sled at a good price.

The IQ chassis also continues as Polaris’s touring and utility chassis with the LXT and Widetrak models. The 4-stroke Turbo LXT and 2-stroke 600 LXT have luxury features including Rider Select steering, push-button reverse, MFD instrumentation, two power outlets, and pillow-comfort seats. The passenger seat can be removed and converted to storage for single rider touring. The 550 LXT is a basic touring package for the value buyer.

The Widetrak IQ continues to be a popular utility model. The 20” x 156” track offers excellent floatation and the tall windshield protects the rider. This model works as well as a touring sled, so if you are looking for one model to pull double-duty, the Widetrak delivers. Two engines are available; the 750 4-stroke turbo and the 600 Cleanfire.

Lastly, the 120 Pro-R continues to delight youngsters throughout with its Polaris built 121cc air-cooled motor.

Below’s chart shows the models with engine and track/suspension options. 

Model/Package Engine(s) Track Lgth/Susp Highlighted Features
Rush 800
121” Pro-Ride Fox IFP shocks, Digital gauge, Pro-Steer ski, 1” lug track
Rush Pro-R 800
121” Pro-Ride Walker Evans shocks, Digital gauge, Pro-Steer ski, 1.25” lug track
Indy 600 121” Indy RydeFX shocks, Analog speed, Digital tach, Indy ski, .91” lug track
Indy SP 600 121” Indy Fox IFP shocks, Analog speed, Digital tach, Pro-Steer ski, 1” lug track
Switchback 800
136” Pro-Ride Fox IFP shocks, Digital gauge, Pro-Steer ski, 1.25” lug track
Switchback Pro-R 800
136” Pro Ride Walker Evans shocks, Digital gauge, Pro-Steer ski, 1.35” lug track
Switchback Adventure 600 136” Pro-Ride Fox IFP shocks, Digital gauge, Pro-Steer ski, 1.35” lug track
Switchback Assault 800 144” Switchback Walker Evans shocks, Digital gauge, Pro-Steer ski, 1.35” lug track
Shift 550 Fan 121” IQ
136” IQ
RydeFX shocks, Mechanical gauge, IQ ski, 1.25” lug track (136”), .91” lug track (121”)
RMK 800
144” RMK
155” RMK Coil-Over
163” RMK Coil-Over
RydeFX shocks, Gripper ski, Digital gauge, 2.0” or 2.4” lug track
Pro-RMK 800
155” RMK Coil-Over
163” RMK Coil-Over
Walker Evans shocks, Gripper ski, Digital gauge, 2.4” lug track
RMK Assault 800 155” RMK Coil-Over Walker Evans shocks, Digital gauge, Gripper ski, 2.125” lug track
Turbo IQ 750 4-stroke 136” IQ Comfort RydeFX shocks, Analog speed, Digital tach, IQ Dual ski, 1” lug track
IQ LXT 600
550 Fan
136” IQ Comfort RydeFX shocks, Analog speed, Digital tach, IQ Dual ski, 1” lug track
IQ Widetrak 750 4-stroke
156” Utility Nitrex shocks, Digital gauge, Gripper ski, 1.25 lug track
120 Pro-R 120 69” Mini Indy


Pro-Ride has given Polaris a great chassis to build from, and they are nipping at the heals of the yellow camp. The RMK is the “de facto” standard in the mountain segment, and the Rush is becoming tough to beat in the flatlands. Bringing back the legendary Indy name badge and placing it on a new chassis combo will fill-in some small gaps in Polaris’s lineup.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Polaris brings out the best of its machines and provides even more improvements for 2013.  As they concentrate on the strong and growing segments of the industry, Polaris will be sipping the bubbly for some time to come.



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