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New FOX QS3-R Adjustable Ski Shocks From Arctic Cat

Three-Position Adjustability for Premium FOX FLOAT and FOX ZERO Shocks

Experience the quick, simple and effective suspension adjustability the all-new FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL QS3-R or ZERO QS3-R coil-over ski shocks from Arctic Cat. Both shock styles deliver three distinct ride calibrations for soft, medium and firm riding styles and terrain conditions, each achieved with a quick turn of the dial. These shocks feature Genuine Kashima coating for reduced stiction and increased durability, wide-range rebound adjustability and aerospace-grade PTFE-lined spherical bearings. The FLOAT EVOL QS3-R shocks feature infinitely adjustable dual air chambers for separate ride height and bottom out control. The ZERO QS3-R shocks offer the supple ride of coil-over springs with multiple preload settings. Each style is available for most recent-model year Arctic Cat snowmobiles. The FLOAT 3 EVOL QS3-R MSRP is $1,395.00 U.S./$1,809.00 Canada per pair. The ZERO QS3-R MSRP is $1,295.00 U.S./$1,679.00 Canada per pair.

FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL QS3-R Shocks from Arctic Cat

FOX ZERO QS3-R Shocks from Arctic Cat

These and other new Arctic Cat accessories are available now at most Arctic Cat dealerships and through the Arctic Cat online store at

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