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Pink Ribbon Ride – Eagle River Wisconsin

On February 16, 2013, attended the annual Pink Ribbon Ride in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The weather for the event was ideal. The temperature was about 10 degrees with sunny skies at the start of our days ride.


I brought along a guest for the event, my good friend Jon Wendinger. This was Jon’s first Pink Ribbon Ride. I enjoy introducing this event to new riders. Mainly to see their reaction to this wonderful event and witness all that goes into making it a success.  It is also rewarding to receive feedback on how the event has touched them individually.  Jon was one of the highlights at the banquet because he rode a two up snowmobile 138 miles with absolutely no carbides. By the way, that’s my fault for not pre-inspecting my snowmobile. Oops…sorry buddy! This event is such a success mainly due to the people who attend and everyone who puts on the event.


Saturday’s ride was truly a great experience with well groomed trails and snow covered trees.  Although I was taking in the beauty that surrounded me during the time, I regret not stopping along the way to take pictures of the spectacular view.


New friends were made within our group. Each participant had a story to tell of a loved one who lost the battle. Jon had his own story losing his Dad two years ago from cancer. I believe that these experiences is what drives each of us to participate, raise money and help others we meet along the way through their healing process. What motivates me is listening to those who have received help from the Pink Ribbon Riders Organization.  Every recipient is so thankful and appreciative of everyone who participates and donates to the PRR event.


One important fact everyone should be made aware of about the Pink Ribbon Riders Organization is that it gives back 84% of the total funds taken in. This is an incredible percentage especially considering how much it must take to put such an event together. Other organizations, that are much larger, only give back 62%. With this said, I believe in this organization and the way they go about fund raising right from the heart. Unfortunately the government makes it difficult for organizations like the Pink Ribbon Riders to be successful, charging fees for a raffle license, insurance premiums and a fee just for being a non-profit just to name a few.  The Pink Ribbon Riders Organization is truly giving of themselves, their time and gives back to each patient a $500.00 gift card.


The 2013 6th annual Pink Ribbon Ride raised over $54,000 and donations are still coming in. Great job to everyone who attended the event and to those of you who generously donated to make this event a great success.









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