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On the Road With ISMA

Serving as the President of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association is a pleasure and allows me to meet many interesting people from all walks of life.  Following is a short discussion on the last 35-40 days of work: In late September – early October I had the opportunity to meet with Regulators in the European […]

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Trail Groomers Maximize Your On-Trail Experience

  Why you need to appreciate what those trail groomers do for snowmobiling. In today’s snowmobiling world, we expect well-maintained and smooth groomed trails. When they’re rough we complain. But do we really know and appreciate what goes on behind the scenes. Do we appreciate the long hours groomer operators work, frequently dragging trails late […]

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Ridden to the Max: 2018 Polaris 800 Rush Pro-S

You’ll probably blast trails with the 800 Rush Pro-S, but it’s perfectly amenable to slow action winding along in the backcountry. Polaris’ rider-centric 2018 800 Rush Pro-S is a stand-apart trail icon. The 2010 Rush with its Pro-Ride monoshock rear suspension set Polaris’ performance trail sleds apart from the crowd. An enduring concept it’s evolved […]

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