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Polaris Owners Get X-tra with RiderX

If you enjoy the outdoors, whether on a snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle, the RiderX web site, and companion App, will surely benefit you in many ways (read our top 10 list here). However, if you are an owner of a newer Polaris vehicle, you will get even more out of RiderX.


Some of the new Polaris vehicles include their PIDD or Polaris Integrated Digital Display. This display can utilize all of the RiderX features including downloading a planned route and marking waypoints. You can also upload your tracked routes to your computer.


A new RiderX Link will also display vehicle information on your phone including engine RPM, vehicle speed, volt meter, water temperature, engine temperature, and fuel level. You can even get vehicle diagnostic codes that will tell you if you ended up putting old fuel in your machine.


One of the major pluses to a Polaris vehicle is that this information can be uploaded to your RiderX Garage allowing you to keep track of oil changes (ATVs, motorcycles) and other maintenance items. You’ll get access to the tools you need to keep your machine tip-top. When it comes to resale, having these records can add value to your machine over someone else’s.


RiderX is just beginning and Polaris has put a ton of time into developing it. We are excited about the direction it’s going and look forward to new features as they continue to develop it.

Find out more about RiderX at

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One Response to Polaris Owners Get X-tra with RiderX

  1. Thomas Bovard September 29, 2017 at 2:24 am #

    Hello. I have a 2016 Adventure 600 equipped with the Integrated digital display . My question is when using the trail maps ,they are identified by longitude/latitude numbers,unless it’s along a road. Why can’t they identify the trails with the same ID as the club trail maps show ? Will this ever be in the future, as I don’t see the value in the system the way it has been. I only use the bread crumbs feature,but as far as planning a trip,I can’t see how looking at location numbers would work. Please fill me in if I’m out in left field. Thanks for any help

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