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2016 Snowmobile Release – Polaris

It’s exciting when a company can reinvent itself. Polaris is such a company, and even though snowmobiles are only part of their powersports offering, it is the heartbeat. Without snowmobiles, Polaris wouldn’t be Polaris. We’ve seen the company’s offerings through many phases. During the ‘70’s was the era of the “TX”. During the ‘80’s and […]

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2016 Snowmobile Release – Yamaha

Yamaha has always been in a league of their own, and Yamaha riders are much the same way. The smell of two-stroke oil exhaust nearly nauseates Yamaha riders, and if you can’t just turn the key and go, you are wasting trail time. Say what you want about the other brand riders, Yamaha riders are […]

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2016 Snowmobile Release – Ski-Doo

Ski-Doo is the first out of the gates with their 2016 model year launch, lest we forget who continues to be first in the marketplace. Ski-Doo continues to gain “snow” in most areas. They have been running strong ever since they changed the way we ride sleds – shortly after the 2003 REV when Ski-Doo […]

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2016 Model Sled Release Dates

The release of the 2016 model year sleds from each of the manufacturers is just around the corner. The snowmobile engineers have been working overtime to make 2016 tweaks and adjustments to offer the best sleds since, well, last year. Max Sled will cover most of the new models coming out on the following dates: […]

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Model Year 2016 Snowmobile Sneak Peek Tour Announced

The new 2016 snowmobiles are here and there’s no better way to experience the new models and learn about the latest technology then by visiting a manufacturer’s Sneak Peek tour location in your area. Once again Yamaha, Ski-Doo and Polaris have teamed up to bring their latest new snowmobile models on a coast-to-coast tour starting […]

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